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GetJohn is on a mission to smash bottlenecks and break data silos in manufacturing and distribution. We understand the complex language of software and that misinterpretation is a direct route to project failure. Our mission is to bridge business and software demands in a way that ensures project completion and puts you at ease, by developing industry-leading communication from proposal to implementation.

GetJohn & Co is a global provider of connectivity, automation and support solutions for  manufacturers of all industries.
We deliver intelligent software to drive business efficiencies across the value chain. Our expert knowledge and personal service approach connect and automate business processes to address vital needs involving trading, productivity, reactiveness and compliance.

Our solutions develop around supplier requirements of data analytics, connectivity and outdated, redundant processes. We deliver seamless procurement system management, customer insight and user engagement. GetJohn achieves this through clear and competitive advantages built in a unique way that compliments the individual business needs.

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Hi, I'm John

I’ve been making it easier to sell your promotional products and saving time on paperwork for over 20 years. I like to talk to people in plain English about how their business works, and where software can help make it better. 

B2B sales are more complex than most major platforms can support out of the box, because you’ll often want to customise not just the product, but also the delivery process for your customer. That makes it easier for them, but leaves you with an administative burden. 

That’s where software is supposed to help you, but often it seems to hinder work, or simply not work the way you’d like to work. 


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