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Why is developing a B2B portal becoming so important in a b2b setting? Over 70% of Clients are now expecting personalised web pages, from corporate branding, to unique catalog listings during procurement. However, research shows that nearly 50% of clients do not feel these standards are being delivered by merchants. 

A personalised B2B portal may include unique catalog offerings, tailored content and dynamic pricing opportunities.

Discover insights into offering a customised B2B portal. We uncover emerging solutions and market demands to offer  merchants updated opportunities for maximising process efficiency, collaboration and winning over new clients.   

Custom B2B Client portal

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Create a client portal with Magento ecommerce


Magento is a popular Ecommerce platform offering industry leading features and solutions

Create a client portal with Woo Commerce


WooCommerce is a simple yet effective ecommerce plugin for WordPress

Create a client portal with shopify

Shopify plus

The most popular Ecommerce solution for manufacturers. Shopify Plus offers additional ecommerce capabilities



BigCommerce is a SAAS ecommerce platform that offers powerful segmentation features

opencart ecommerce


Opencart is a shopping cart software solution and a highly customizable open-source system for B2B merchants