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John O'rourke

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coupa Punchout Catalogs: What To Know Before Integrating Systems​

Explaining Punchout For Coupa success portal

A Coupa PunchOut Catalog is an automated e-procurement solution that allows thousands of buyers purchasing through leading marketplaces such as Coupa’s supplier portal to connect seamlessly with their suppliers eCommerce portal through cXML – a protocol, created by Ariba in 1999, intended for communication of business documents.

The integration of the buyer’s procurement system with that of the merchandisers eCommerce portal allows for the automatic distribution of purchase orders, invoices and other business documents. As a result, this process can save an estimated average of 10 minutes of processing time per order and nullify errors and miscommunication. This clear benefit means that to secure contracts with buyers, distributors must offer this service as the norm. In fact, the majority of fortune 500 companies will not purchase without a punchout solution.

What Is Coupa Supplier Portal?

Coupa offers a cost-free tool for suppliers that makes working with customers simple. The CSP allows companies to set PO communication preferences for each customer or create online catalogs for each customer. 

Buyers ask suppliers to join Coupa so that they can work together more efficiently and effectively on all the shared aspects of business commerce: proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments. Doing so through Ariba Network can improve both buyer and suppliers bottom line through greater efficiency and communication.

Pick A Coupa Punchout That's Best For Your Business

Punchout can be integrated into e-commerce and procurement systems through Basic, advanced & Bespoke packages. Basic Punchout includes a Single Sign-On for buyers and automatic account creations, whilst advanced include value-adding elements such as Stock level, purchase order & purchase requisitions automation. Bespoke punchout ads customization to purchasing, including Custom tax, currency options, custom shipping and non-catalog orders.

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