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Looking for eCommerce development?

At GetJohn we want to help you think long term – not just about developing a project but also ensuring it’s supported afterwards, and delivers value.

We’re an experienced team and have worked in eCommerce for over 15 years, so we’ve seen a very wide range of needs but we also understand that every business, including yours, has specific needs.

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We work with all major platforms

Create a client portal with Magento ecommerce
Create a client portal with Woo Commerce
Create a client portal with shopify
opencart ecommerce

build an eCommerce store

Build client portals, upgrade your current store or start entirely from scratch

Migrate from Magento 1 to 2

Using Magento 1 is a security risk. We can upgrade your store and support you afterwards

Upgrade to Magento cloud

Some sites are suited to Magento Cloud, a fully managed hosting solution provided by Adobe. We'll help you decide

Integrate with any internal system

For any system, we'll connect it to your store and ensure it works the right way for your business.

Develop a custom extension

Your business is unique, and sometimes you need custom code to solve a particular problem.

Automate your store and data

Automation will increase efficiency and reduce errors, so it helps your staff and customers

Our experience

Heineken personalised portals

Integrating with Heineken’s bespoke system – easy ordering for pubs and restaurants of quotations and in-stock items, with stock level updates and electronic purchase orders

Sambro's sales tablet app

A mobile app connected to Microsoft Navision and Magento, allowing sales staff world-wide access to real-time warehouse data, order-taking while meeting with customers, container-filling assistance, and historic orders and invoices

And so much more!

Hi, I'm John

I’ve been making it easier to sell your products and saving time on paperwork for over 20 years. I like to talk to people in plain English about how their business works, and where software can help make it better. 

B2B product sales are more complex than B2C sales, because you’ll often want to customise not just the product, but also the delivery process for your customer. That makes it easier for them, but leaves you with an administative burden. 

That’s where software is supposed to help you, but often it seems to hinder work, or simply not work the way you’d like to work. 


How we work


We believe in keeping things simple for our clients. Software is full of jargon and hyperbolic statements in an industry where clear communication makes or breaks the success of a project.

Each of our developers has more than 20 years of commercial software development experience, allowing us to know how to prioritise what matters most for your business.


Quality, time & cost. Three things that don’t balance well for most projects. The key to synergy is comprehension. Your business might desire a certain level of quality or face time-sensitive pressure.

Whatever the requirements we balance projects in the way that suits your business best. Our focus is on making software feel simple, we specialise in legacy integration and automating repetitive paperwork or costly processes.


Your team must be able to trust new software. Trust is built up when software “just works”. If it plays up employees will revert to old familiar processes. 

You may find yourself asking: “What exactly am I paying for every month?” or“Why isn’t ‘X’ covered by the support?”

To combat this we focus on transparency. We share our calculations such as the likelihood of a problem occurring – to create certainty and allow you to get on with core business. 

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