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Hi, I'm John

I’ve been making it easier to sell your promotional products and saving time on paperwork for over 20 years. I like to talk to people in plain English about how their business works, and where software can help make it better. 

Promotional product sales are more complex than most major platforms can support out of the box, because you’ll often want to customise not just the product, but also the delivery process for your customer. That makes it easier for them, but leaves you with an administative burden. 

That’s where software is supposed to help you, but often it seems to hinder work, or simply not work the way you’d like to work. 


What we do for your store

Internal system integrations

For any system, we’ll connect it to your store and ensure it works the right way for your business

Systems include:

SAP Ariba puchout

Automated dataflow at your fingertips

Get your software talking and watch your business automate workflow from order processing to dispatch

Procurement punchouts

Comply with your client’s needs and connect your store directly with their procurement platforms such as SAP Ariba and Coupa 

punchout catalog concept

Simple buying for satisfied clients

Create a single sign-on and allow clients to use internal accounts to create a simple buying process

B2B portals

Create personalised portals

Create customer branded portals all from one platform, allowing for pain-free management of all your clients under one roof

A Simple set up from one system

Develop your in-house team to create personalised portals in no time with the support and training of our friendly development team

Order approval processes

Set custom budgets and require manager approval for custom purchase orders

Automated Ordering

Receive purchase orders in your internal system directly from your customers with no manual data entry 

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