Punchout Catalogue

Punchout catalogue software makes it easy for your buyers to create purchase orders – which are electronically transferred into your system. Connect your existing online store with your customers procurement system – no more rekeying orders!

Punchout Catalogues built for over 30 brands

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Connected with multiple eprocurement systems
Connected with multiple eCommerce platfoms
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What is a Punchout catalogue?

A growing number of enterprise buyers are now requiring automated communication between external eCommerce, and internal procurement applications. A Punchout catalogue removes these barriers by punching the merchandiser eCommerce platform into the internal system of the buyer with manual tasks automated to create a simple and error-free p2p process for both parties.

Punchout catalogue works Like This From The Buyer’s Perspective:


  • The buyer finds the merchandiser link in their internal system
  • They are automatically logged in to the website, and their individual details (name, email, shipping address) are transferred over
  • They shop as normal, adding items to the basket
  • At the checkout, they don’t enter further details and instead the order is brought back into their purchasing system as a requisition
  • Internally, their order is approved – eg. their manager may need to approve it
  • Once approved, their system automatically sends it through electronically as a purchase order
  • The website receives this, and automatically downloads the order into  system

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We fit your needs with a bespoke Punchout catalogue

Take a look at examples of our partner's puchout solutions:

Basic Punchout catalogue

What is included:
For store integration
  • Automatic account creation
  • Single Sign-On for buyers
  • Personalised stores
  • All common SSO technology supported

Advanced Punchout catalogue

What is included:
For maximised automation
  • Route buyers to multiple stores (e.g USA)
  • Purchase Order Approvals
  • Link to your stock levels
  • Create purchase requisitions

Bespoke punchout catalogue

What is included:
For anything you can imagine
  • Emulate your previous system
  • Custom tax, currency options
  • Custom shipping options
  • Non-catalog purchase orders
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We deliver reliable Punchout projects

GetJohn was built out of our ability to communicate complex software projects clearly with our partners. We always aim to provide the right solution in the right way for your business. 

Integrations available worldwide

GetJohn works with multiple clients that trade internationally. Common software issues that accompany global trade, such as currency, language and time zone errors are swiftly removed, allowing for globalised buying that feels far more simple for your team.

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Connects to major procurement systems

GetJohn developers have more than 15 experience with major eCommerce and procurement providers.

eProcurement systems we have worked with include:

  • SAP Ariba
  • Coupa
  • Peoplesoft
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A Punchout catalogue means no missed opportunities

A modern procurement process that incorporates the automative and simplified benefits of punchout software is becoming the standard by large organisations. Becoming a GetJohn Punchout partner protects current agreements and opens opportunities for lucrative new ones.