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System Integration

Automate stock levels, purchase order receipts, statuses & warehouse updates

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GetJohn work with all major systems. What does your store need?

Order Processing Systems

Such as your CRM & ERP systems

Purchasing Systems

Such as Procurement systems

Shipping Systems

Such as UPS, FedEx, ShipStation

ERP / CRM / Order Processing System integration:

These systems usually act as the ‘source of truth’ for product, stock data and orders

Typical integrations are:

  • Send product and stock data to websites

  • Bring in orders from websites and other systems

  • Send orders to shipping providers

Systems we’ve worked with:

system integration

Connect your systems

GetJohn do more than make your store look nice. We connect just about anything your store needs, from CRM systems to client marketplaces, get connected today!

eCommerce System integration:

These systems usually act as an online shop front. For B2B, they usually don’t show products or prices until the user logs in to their account, and the pricing and products might be specific to one customer.

Typical integrations are:

  • Receive product and stock data from another system

  • Send orders to a shipping provider or ERP system

  • Send contact form responses to a CRM system

  • Get real-time shipping quotes

  • Single-sign-on for end users and staff

  • Receive electronic purchase orders from customers’ purchasing systems

Systems we’ve worked with:

shopify punchout
punchout magento
bigcommerce punchout

Corporate Purchasing System integration:

These systems manage to purchase in large corporations, where thousands of users would be able to create purchase orders for any of their suppliers. They often allow for “punchout”, which covers the single-sign-on process and creating an electronic purchase order.

Typical integrations are:

  • Single sign-on for end-users into a supplier’s website

  • Creating and sending electronic purchase orders, using “cXML” or “OCI”

Systems we’ve worked with:

oracle peoplesoft punchout
punchout to oracle
Coupa Punchout
Punchout with Jaggaer
SAP Ariba puchout

Shipping System integration:

These are typically used by shipping providers

Typical integrations are:

  • Sending orders from your website to your shipping provider, for quotes or for booking shipments

Systems we’ve worked with:

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