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John O'rourke

John O'rourke

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Top 5 B2B ECommerce Software Platforms For Your Business In 2021

Our top 5 ecommerce software systems

The modern, personalised B2C ecommerce experience will become expected in the B2B environment in 2021. We will be ranking the sites we believe will benefit modern manufacturers and suppliers through integrated software solutions, visability, user interface and more.

Important ecommerce platform features at a glance:

  • A user friendly User interface system
  • 3rd party Integration 
  • Personal customer experiences 
  • Data visability


Magento commerce

Create a client portal with Magento ecommerce

When people think B2B eCommerce Magento typically springs to mind. As the second most popular eCommerce platform, Magnetos popularity comes from its friendly user interface along with excellent customer support. Additionally, Magento seamlessly connects to third-party applications, allowing for endless opportunities to utilise data or create simple, personalised buying experiences  for customers with software solutions such as Punchout or B2B Portals.

Straightforward UI | Opensource | Integration opportunities
Fulfillment management | custom category pages
Expensive "Enterprise" version


Opencart B2B Marketplace

opencart ecommerce

Opencart started as a B2C platform, therefore their more recent B2B offering comes with an intuitive UI system. Upgrading the system may take some technical prowess, however the benefits of opencart are clear to see with its SEO, catalog management and promotional opportunities.

Free open-source, User friendly
Requires technical understanding to get the most out of the software


Shopify PLUS

Create a client portal with shopify

The market leaders Shopify introduced shopify plus for larger organisations that wish for greater sales opportunities, more personalisation, advanced shipping opportunities, all under the familiar shopify dashboard. 

Greater control and customisation | intuitive shopify dashboard
Multi channel sales | Advanced shipping | Time saving opportunities
Lack of Multi-store opportunities


Big Commerce


Bigcommerce is a B2B purpose built software system. Therefore, the software allows for complex integrations and a comprehensive store. Typically used for wholesale, 

Customised themes with built in HTML, CSS, Java
Good SEO | Strong security
high cost | lacks content editing


Woo Commerce

Create a client portal with Woo Commerce

Woocommerce includes the standard features expected by an eCommerce platform. Woocommerce connects well with WordPress, meaning SEO  optimization opportunities are vast. This system is ideal for those that lack a technical  understanding, allowing for simple website design thanks to intuitive plugins. 

Opensource | theme building | Flexible configuration
Lack of advanced software solutions | requires technical understanding for greater opportunities

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