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John O'rourke

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B2B E-Commerce Portals And their Personalised Procurement Opportunities

In a digital world where ecommerce is advancing the way we shop, so to is an individual’s expectations of what is capable. This growing expectation makes sense, a business is not the person purchasing from your store or procuring a potential solution. It is an individual that expects tailored product offerings, this person demands personalisation in general consumption so of course this expectation seeps into their consideration when procuring new suppliers.  

B2B portals are the solution to this emerging demand, by offering business specific and branded catalogs for each business, including personalization for departments or the location of the buyer.

The term “portal” is used because traditionally it meant a website where you can do all the activity related to your account with a supplier, they’re often expanded to include:

Viewing past invoices, orders, and delivery notes because the order value could be very high, it’s important to track and prove exactly where an order is up to)

  • Viewing reports on orders and usage
  • Sending requests to the sales staff

Therefore the actual system tends to look like this:

A server, such as Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify, which runs the application, offering multiple websites within one core application, this therefore creates multiple views of the website (such as staff in France see different products to staff in USA) yet retains one system for maximum visibility.

What is possible with a custom b2B portal?

Brand specific design
Reduced bugs
Back-end visability
Differentiated pricing

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