Know Your Developers by Name

We are able to build strong relationships with you and your colleagues. You’ll get to know one of our developers, who will work on and own your issues


Commercial Director

Seasoned entrepreneur managing our clients expectations
Gareth’s past in the world of developing businesses, sided with an interesting former events life in London, has helped to shape our customer-first approach to keeping things simple. He works hard to ensure projects and quotes are easy to understand, and keeps up with your changing needs to make sure we’re always delivering the right service.


Technical Director

Architect and developer of world-wide B2B e-Commerce solutions
John has worked on web projects for over 25 years, built and sold an e-commerce offering for the branded merchandise industry, and is now passing on that wealth of skills and knowledge to the GetJohn team. Day to day, he’s still involved with our clients, bridging the gap between commercial and technical teams for clients and clients of clients.



Highly experienced full-stack Magento developer
For over 10 years Noeli has worked in Magento development, ranging from server configuration and database design to front end development. At GetJohn, she’s been our Magento expert for many years, solving the most complex of support issues, building custom Magento modules to our clients exacting standards and setting up stores from scratch.



Frontend expert and tester creating great UX
Edyta has literally worked all over the world on building and maintaining websites for every kind of client, using platforms from WordPress to Magento to Shopify. Her ability to take a design and translate it into editable template components is unmatched, and at GetJohn she not only creates beautiful interactive website layouts, but is also our chief tester, ensuring and improving the end-user experience.



Highly experienced developer on many systems
Ian’s seen the web development landscape change a lot since the 1990’s, and like most seasoned professionals, has enough experience to have a gut feel for making good architecture decisions. At GetJohn, he’s become our resident expert on Magento integrations, focusing on reliability and data quality, and leads our custom web app development capabilities.

We don’t just develop software,
we develop relationships

We are building strong relationships with you and your colleagues. You’ll get to know one of our developers, who will work on and own your issues. Here are just a few of the companies and their suppliers we have worked with