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Jigsaw Industrial

Manufacturer of PVC Curtains

John and his team are genuine lifesavers and I can’t recommend them highly enough!  We desperately needed to merge some 20 year old legacy Perl software on our website with a modern payment gateway system and we had a looming deadline to get it done by.  For various reasons it was a complicated task and we tried half a dozen different developers, ranging from one-man-bands to large agencies, but none of them had the skills to fully understand our requirements, let alone help us.  But John instantly saw exactly what was required and the best way to achieve it.  He was not phased by our fast-approaching deadline and, to his credit, didn’t take advantage of it either.  His technical knowledge is monumental and his work was meticulous and well crafted.  He clearly embraced the task and enjoyed the challenge.  I will now be using John for all of our software development projects (sorry John) and I make a point of recommending him to anyone and everyone looking for a good software developer.  Thanks again John!

Ivan Perry

Dowlis Inspired Branding

Promotional Products

Transitioning to our new e-commerce platform has been a game-changer for Dowlis, marking a significant evolution in our approach to delivering promotional merchandise solutions. This strategic shift has not only expanded our capabilities but has also enhanced our operational efficiency, allowing us to seamlessly manage an ever-growing number of transactional websites while controlling costs and improving service delivery. We’re now equipped to meet the sophisticated demands of our international clientele with greater agility and precision, ensuring that each client experience is as unique and impactful as the brands we serve. Owning our technology stack has empowered us to innovate continuously, maintain high standards of security and compliance, and drive growth in our business. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

David Lynn

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