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B2B Ecommerce Services

build ecommerce store

Build client portals, upgrade your current store or start entirely from scratch

migrate from magento 1 to 2

Magento 1 is no longer supported. Migrate early to avoid security problems

upgrade to magento cloud

If agile software suits your business, look no further than the innovative cloud platform

integrate with any internal system

ERP, CRM... whatever the system we connect it with your store and ensure it is working the way your business needs

develop a custom extension

Our industry-leading consultation discovers the unique needs of your business and our brilliant developers make them a reality

Automate your store and clean up data

Digitize administrative roles and avoid costly and efficiency killing errors that slow cycles and reduce customer satisfaction

We pride ourselves on Seamless project fulfilment

We understand the risks that miscommunication has on software projects. At GetJohn our developers practice effective communication so that we understand your business needs to the highest degree. Looking to migrate your existing contracts? With over 15 years experience in business commerce, find reassurance that your vision will come to fruition no matter the stage in which your project has broken down.

Automated dataflow at your fingertips


Single-Sign-On means no more forgetful clients


Seamless purchasing system integration with customers


Error free fulfilment from order to distribution


Generate electronic Invoices and Purchase orders

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John Doe

John's easy to read eCommerce blog:

What is cXML?

What is cXML? When you send someone an invoice, or a purchase order, you’re using certain conventions to communicate exactly what you want.  If it’s an invoice, for example, both you and the recipient will understand that:   It has a date, so you both know when it was made It has a due date, so you can set the expectation of being paid It has your bank details, so the recipient knows how to pay you It has one or more items so the recipient knows exactly what it’s about …etc..   The point is that it’s a way

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How do I prepare my Product Data?

How do I prepare my Product Data? “JASON! MY OFFICE! NOW!” boomed the voice over the warhouse intercom.  Jason’s shoulders dropped, his forehead furrowed. “What now?” he muttered.  The staff called the warehouse  ‘the warhouse’, since they were battling a never ending flow of returns, missing items, dusty old stock, and hopelessly incorrect stock levels.   It turned out that, on the shiny new website that Whack-em-out Web Design had created for Jack’s, someone had actually – surely, surely as a joke – bought 7 of the “Palleted stuff from Jill (SEE NIKKI – B-rated old stock)” product, complete with

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What is a punchout?

What is a punchout? Another slice of toast pops up – burned one side, soft bread on the other – and Jill had had enough. Work was hard enough already, with the recent fiasco with her biggest customer, Acme Corp, over the stock level spreadsheet. Half an hour later, she’d compared seven new toasters on the website of Jack’s Appliances and ordered one for next day delivery. It amazed her how easy that was compared to the order handling process she had to go through at work each day.   She’d barely sat down at her desk when the phone

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