Hi, I'm John, Managing Director

I like to talk to people in plain English about their business and where software can add value and save effort. For example, having orders from your website go straight into your back-office system.

When you are non-technical, it is easy to be overwhelmed by tech Jargon and you can end up feeling left in the dark.

That is a dangerous situation as it can break down the relationship with your technical team, making it harder to get things done.

The two things which help are having someone you trust who can explain technical issues without the jargon, and being given clear, up to date information about what’s happening. That’s what I set out to achieve twenty years ago, and what my team works towards today.

John Software Developer

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What You Can Expect from Us

As Our Clients

We do our best to keep you informed, keeping our prices and working methods transparent. We know technical work can be unpredictable, so we developed a way of pricing and predicting work that’s easy to understand and can be regularly updated. That turns the fuzzy “yeah it’s going OK” into “here are the numbers, you be the judge!”.

We also want to actively pass on the value of our work. For example, if we take a complex process and teach your staff to do it, we can spend the saved time on your next priority.

As Our Staff

We are striving to have the best people for understanding and helping customers. That means investing in personal development, with staff spending 1-1 time each week with John, and encouraging each other to learn more through courses, books and just keeping up with technology related news.

As Our Suppliers and Subcontractors

Just as we work in partnership with customers, we aim to work in partnership with suppliers. That means developing a healthy working relationship, rather than a transactional one, which benefits everyone. For subcontractors, this could mean creating a specification together, so that pricing can be fair and transparent, and open discussion and working together when solving difficult problems.

Examples of Companies We've Developed for in the Past

asos punchout catalog
asos punchout catalog
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