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B2B Portals

Create a simple and effective buying process with personalised brand-specific stores

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Customer branding

What is included:
An improved shopper experience
  • Your customer’s branding on their login
  • Customer-specific products
  • Customer-specific currency, pricing and more
  • Use existing e-commerce portal or create a new one

Customer process

What is included:
A dynamic buying cycle
  • Single Sign-On for staff and customers
  • Connect directly to procurement systems
  • Send stock levels to customers
  • Products and stock updates

Internal operations

What is included:
An Automated internal process
  • Updated stocks levels and orders download into your internal system
  • Receive all POs in one place
  • Connect to the major marketplaces
  • Link with your shipping provider

What are B2B portals?

B2B portals allow for advanced personalization with your eCommerce store to match ever-changing buyer expectations. Create individual customer-branded eCommerce stores for seamless purchasing. Develop a brand-specific look and feel. As a result, clients are able to treat the website as their own internal online store 

Become the clear choice

Support and encourage high Order Value purchasing from customers. Offer Full Transparency such as Viewing Past Invoices, Orders, And Delivery Notes. Make your business the clear favorite and secure new Fortune 500 contracts

Design to your business and customer needs

Create multiple, brand-specific websites within one application, designed to fit seamlessly with your customers current branding. 

A unique store for every customer in any country

Multiple showings of the website portal from currency to catalog. Don’t compromise on customer experience and create opportunities for growth around the world with 24/7 automation opportunities.

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B2B Portals result in:

No human error

E-commerce B2B portals remove the need for slow, unwanted interaction during purchase. Automate processes, such as purchase order generation, discounting, credit allocation. Transparency means never miss an order and maintaining strong business relationships. 

Differentiated pricing

Integrated E-commerce portals grant your business multiple, unique stores from one portal, allowing for greater data and process management without compromising each store’s unique requirements, such as adjusting prices based on individual customers.  

Shorter buying cycles

Allow buyers to self navigate the procurement process, view negotiated pricing and stock lists, with opportunities for full personalised customisation amongst each customer. This allows for speedy problem-solving, builds trust and encourages future contract renewals. 

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What are B2B portals?

Automating the procure to pay process What are B2B client portals? A B2B portal is a client-specific web portal that lives within your existing eCommerce

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