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Punchout Catalog

Create a full connection between ecommerce portals and procurement systems with a punchout catalog solution

15+ years of experience

Built for over 30 brands

Experts in Magento

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What is a punchout?

What is a punchout? Another slice of toast pops up – burned one side, soft bread on the other – and Jill had had enough. Work was hard enough already,

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Punchout: What is cXML?

Punchout: What is cXML? When you send someone an invoice, or a purchase order, you’re using certain conventions to communicate exactly what you want.  If it’s an invoice, for example,

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Design your punchout catalog solution to fit your business

Pick & Mix your improvements or select a package to start


What is included:
For store integration
  • Automatic account creation
  • Single Sign-On for buyers
  • Personalised stores
  • All common SSO technology supported


What is included:
For maximised automation
  • Route buyers to multiple stores (e.g USA)
  • Purchase Order Approvals
  • Link to your stock levels
  • Create purchase requisitions


What is included:
For anything you can imagine
  • Emulate your previous system
  • Custom tax, currency options
  • Custom shipping options
  • Non-catalog purchase orders

Guiding you through the punchout process

Winning Contracts
Offering advanced Ecommerce capabilities such as punchout opens the door to a new demand of clients with specific distributor standards.
Seamless Purchasing
Our punchout extension converts shopping cart data into cXML or OCI formats, allowing for Ecommerce orders to checkout within the customers procurement system!
No bottlenecks
Automated communication and order approvals reduce staff dependency and increase turnaround time. Create electronic purchase orders and automatically create corresponding orders in your back-end system.
Invoice automation
Additional automation opportunities allow for added value, faster buying cycles and error free data processing as invoices can be approved electronically. Say goodbye to paper!

What is a PunchOut catalog?

The majority of large enterprise buyers require automated communication with external procurement applications. Our Punchout solution removes these barriers as well as offering a competitive advantage over competing suppliers with additional value opportunities.
punchout catalog example

Matching procurement needs without compromise

Connect your systems without large investment & retain legacy software

Procurement punchouts

Comply with your client’s needs and connect your store directly with their procurement platforms such as SAP Ariba and Coupa 

Punchout increases speed where it is most needed

Open the opportunity for buyers worldwide to view your catalog & purchase your products without the need to maintain accounts, send invoices, or manually record order information. 

Connects your e-Commerce store to major procurement systems

Become eligible for large corporate contracts by complying with strict automation and integration requirements 

Punchout means no missed opportunities

No matter your offerings, without a punchout catalog integrating your catalogue, many large buyers will simply refuse to do business with your store. 
b2b portals differentiated pricing

Maximise supply chain efficiency

Other demands include automated purchase orders, shipping notes or allowing users to log in seamlessly from their personal ordering account, without time-consuming account creation.  
Punchout with Jaggaer

Jaggaer offers controlled spending for B2B with their e-procurement system. With a focus on strategic management has offered Eprocurement solutions for 20 years.

SAP Ariba puchout

The most popular e-procurement application for buyers, offering faster and more accurate spend. A Punchout Catalog with SAP Ariba offers access to thousands of potential customers.

punchout to oracle

Oracle’s SRM solution, manages spend through improved visibility by making an organization’s procurement processes more efficient and by leveraging their supply base to their advantage

Coupa Punchout

Coupa E-procurement is a cloud-based procurement software solution that provides visibility into your customers spend with a single, easy-to-use platform users can access from anywhere at anytime.

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